MAY May 19-26, 37 E. 1st St NYC – Oh boy, here comes everybody. Again. Ten years after the Internet took apart the journalism industry, artists with Instagram, Web sites and endless urban street corners are turning the art world upside down. When artists can create careers independent of the gallery, what’s a gallery to do? During Internet Week and Memorial Day Weekend (May 19-26), we partner with London’s We Are Pop Up to launch The Allies, a prototype of the new gallery, in NYC’s East Village. We’re featuring some of our favorite new modern artists in a vibrant public space with more dynamic art options and democratic pricing. The Allies artists are making the whole world their canvas: London street artist Elmo Hood, the UK’s godfather of graffiti Inkie, photographer Joey L, NYC muralist Misha T, illustrator Sam Spratt, and public artist Yazmany Arboleda. All six are dancing — dancinnngggg — up a storm in the art world, winning awards, creating beautiful work, attracting 400,000 social media fans. We celebrate their borderless creativity with The Allies.

The Allies features signed photographs, prints, paintings and posters from $100 to $8500. Plus sunrise yoga, a sunny backyard with a public seating installation by Columbia’s GSAPP school, bad-ass jewelry from Heidi Gardner, customized watches and limited-edition shirts.  We’re hosting a pair of innovation dinners. Why all the partying and liveliness? We wanted to rethink the gallery model; harness creativity to inspire a vibrant, welcoming space; and spur, stir and swerve (swerve, baby) conversation about what an art gallery can be. An art gallery can be more than four white walls and wine on Thursday.

To create a new type of gallery, we started with a new type of artists. The Allies artists graffiti at London’s Houses of Parliament (Inkie) and Notting Hill’s famous Westway (Elmo Hood), illustrate cover art for Childish Gambino and Janelle Monae (Sam Spratt), photograph vanishing Ethiopian and Indian cultures (Joey L), create murals on the Bowery (Misha T), and bring living sculptures to Kabul and Nairobi (Arboleda). They share love for public art at TED talks, advise at MIT, film online lighting tutorials, mentor youth, and create street art festivals across Europe. On social media, they’re monsters. Not #selfiemonsters, but people’s people, sharing the creative journey and showcasing everyday life. They go right around traditional galleries and are still building international audiences, collectors, clients and reams of press. These artists are like ’06 bloggers bypassing The New York Times to create their own legacy.

The Allies features art hung gallery-style (throwback!) and an extensive market-style selection of signed Joey L  posters, Sam Spratt and Misha T prints as well as T-shirts by Misha T. Heidi Gardner, fresh off appearances on NYFW runways and in British Vogue, W and V mag, launches her Waterland jewelry collection for the first time. And American startup Martenero presents their acclaimed Ace and Founder line of automatic watches (“This is what Shinola should have been,” says Bob Rogen).

To design The Allies, we partnered with Pink Cloud, the NY/Copenhagen/Berlin-based architecture startup who won praise and cash for their pop up hotel concept. Down with opaque gallery signage! To run morning yoga, we brought on Pop Up Yoga NYC who’s been leading classes from Governors Ball to DeKalb Market. For our dinners, we linked up with Farmigo, an online farmers market that brings local freshness to drop-off points throughout NYC and SF. Dinners are being prepared by Ango Chef Louisa Young. The pop up is in partnership with Made in the Lower East Side (miLES) as part of their Spring 2014 Storefront Transformer.

The Allies is all yours
Art Gallery + Terrace: 12-7:30p
Morning yoga: 7-11:30am
RSVP for Opening Night, Tuesday May 20 at 8pm or 207-522-6715