Recreating The Art Gallery: The Allies Art Show Featuring Joey L, Elmo Hood, Sam Spratt, Yazmany, Misha T, Inkie, Heidi Gardner

MAY 19-26, 37 E. 1st St NYC - Art galleries house art beautifully, but people tend to lose out. There's no place to chill, it's dead silent and non-buyers are non-welcome. During Internet Week and Memorial Day Weekend (May 19-26), we partner with London's We Are Pop Up to launch The Allies, a new … Read More


A Cocktail on a Monday at Magnises Townhouse

WEST VILLAGE - Jewelry Designer Heidi Gardner clearly caught in the act. A delicious one. Pictures from A Cocktail on a Monday at Magnises Townhouse in April. Each month we bring together NYC journalists and creative entrepreneurs to celebrate good people and a new month. All photos by the young … Read More


Journalists Used to Shoot From The Hip. Now They Can Get Ya From Their Neck. Some pics from A Cocktail on a Monday

LOWER EAST SIDE - Our New Year's Resolution was to bring more people together more frequently. Only one type of person: Kind hustlers with a relentless dedication to their passion, and a warm heart. We partnered with My Good Dog, a communications duo, and started throwing monthly cocktail parties in … Read More


Feb.24: Yoga + Silent Dinner with Pop Up Yoga NYC is Back!

GREENPOINT - How many times have you gone to dinner and talked? Clever quip-filled, robust conversation. So many times, right? How often have you dined in silence? The solo Chipotle run doesn't count. Neither does airplane supper, headphones in, watching the Rom Com surrounded by 187 other people … Read More

Ludlow-Studios-door-full copy

A Cocktail on a Monday at Ludlow Studios

NYC - Monday night, 70 NYC journalists, creative entrepreneurs and artists got together for Imagination in Space and My Good Dog's #CocktailonaMonday at Ludlow Studios. What were they celebrating? A new month, each other, exploring new projects in the Lower East Side. … Read More


EXTENDED THROUGH JANUARY 26: “An Unfinished Ballad”: Scott Cohen’s majestic photo show at the former Joyce Soho, 155 Mercer St

SOHO - Photographer Scott Cohen and a crew of 30 headed down south for a film project to be released in 2014. How far south? All the way, baby: Through the Drake Passage on a 350-foot vessel to Antarctica. Thursday December 5, Cohen launches "An Unfinished Ballad," an epic photo show at 155 Mercer … Read More


Pop Up Yoga NYC x EAT x Imagination in Space present Yoga & Silent Dinner, 12/16 at 7:30pm

GREENPOINT - Pop Up Yoga NYC, EAT and Imagination in Space are putting together the most meditative pop up New York City's ever seen, posed, eaten. Monday, December 16 at 7:30pm, we invite you to a peaceful evening of yoga, prosecco and dinner at Nicholas Nauman's EAT. Pop Up Yoga NYC Founder … Read More


Build a Better Pop Up: Imagination in Space Heads to Leeds for East Street Arts’ Pop Up Consulting Workshop

LEEDS - Wednesday Oct 30 we head north to Leeds, England, to join East Street Arts' pop up workshops at the Pinnacle building. Imagination in Space will be consulting with Leeds artists and pop up developers on marketing, communication and branding strategy. We join Vikki Chapman and Ann Rutherford … Read More


American Dreams Launch Party With East Street Arts, Gerrish Fine Art and 1OAF

260+ londoners attended Imagination in Space's American Dreams launch party at 14 Warren St. W1T 5lJ in Fitzrovia. The New York City pop up in london was created in partnership with East Street Arts, Gerrish Fine Art and 1OAF. Checking out Soosan Silanee's American Dreams series. … Read More


The Best American Illustrators are at American Dreams, a New York City Art Pop Up in London, 14-24 Oct.

LONDON - Imagination in Space launches American Dreams, a New York City art pop up at 14 Warren St. W1T 5LJ, southeast of Regent's Park. American Dreams features signed originals and prints from America's most creative illustrators. Our artists are young, ambitious and proven, creating private … Read More


Ultimaker² Launch at New Lab

BROOKLYN NAVY YARD - Join Ultimaker Co-Founders Martijn Elserman, Erik de Bruijn and New York’s 3D-printing community at the unveiling of the Ultimaker² 3D-printer. You will get the first look at the Ultimaker² and hear the Holland-based Ultimaker team discuss the evolution of the fastest, most … Read More


TEDx Panel and Kickstarter Party Friday with Made in the Lower East Side, The Lowline and more

NEW YORK CITY - Looks like someone didn't take the summer off! The young Made in the Lower East Side is quickly becoming the primary force in freeing up empty downtown spaces. Friday, Sept. 20, Made in the Lower East Side is moderating a TEDxEastHoustonSt panel that includes a The Lowline Executive … Read More


Test Space pops up in NYC’s Lower East Side Sept 16-22 with a slew of UK illustrators and street artists

NEW YORK CITY - East Street Arts and Test Space will be turning a working architect's office at 178 Delancey in the Lower East Side into a temporary art gallery and shop for a one-week pop up featuring UK street artists. Test Space's pop up is part of an international pop up exchange project between … Read More


10,000 Balloons: Participatory art in Kabul, a pop up in the Lower East Side and global press

The collaboration with artist Yazmany Arboleda started in March 2013, two months before he and a team of 130 Afghani volunteers gifted 10,000 pink balloons to Kabul commuters. Afghanistan's capital is the fourth city in Arboleda's Monday Morning series but the first time he attempted to crowdfund … Read More


Vegan Chef Jay Astafa’s Jay Kitchen Pop Up at The Old Bowery Station

20-year-old vegan chef Jay Astafa is changing the culinary game with his newest project, Jay Kitchen. The Jay Kitchen concept?  Fuse modern techniques with a sensible focus on the  beauty of spring vegetables. The fine-dining concept will pop  up at The Old Bowery … Read More


Leti’s Catering Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner at The Old Bowery Station

Leti Salama, from Leti’s Catering, will be hosting a Spanish-themed cooking class at The Old Bowery Station. Originally from Spain, Leti has instructed hundred of students in the unique traditions of Spanish cooking. Leti will show you how to make the perfect paella and incorporate it into … Read More


Leiti Hsu’s Big Benevolent Birthday Bash at The Old Bowery Station

Eat well and boogie for a cause!  Tonight Leiti Hsu, the “roving gastronome,” celebrates her birthday and does it for the kids at The Old Bowery Station 6PM-2AM. Hsu’s Big Benevolent Birthday Bash will raise money for  Wellness in the Schools, a grass roots … Read More


The Old Bowery Station Passes With Flying Colors

Read More


Underground Night Market at The Old Bowery Station

Night Market at Old Bowery Station with Asia Dog, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Macaron Parlour, Spur Tree, Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls, Hong Kong Street Cart, Filled with Sweets, Best Summer, Taikan Chicken, Taiwan Beer. Curated by Carson Yiu, Tickets in … Read More


Jonah Miller’s Huertas Pop Up at The Old Bowery Station

Before the opening of his restaurant Huertas, Chef Jonah Miller will preview the Huertas dining experience with a pintxo popup at The Old Bowery Station.  Guests will help themselves to a variety of pintxos (the diverse finger-foods of northeast Spain) that will line the bar. The … Read More


Back-to-Back! Melt Shop Edges Out Say Cheese For Big Cheesy Championship

A year after winning the Big Cheesy with three recipes, Manhattan’s Melt Shop went back to back with just one: Widmer’s aged cheddar and brick spread with Nueske’s thick-cut bacon and cranberry onion chutney on Levain Locale bread. A second-day surge allowed Spencer Rubin’s shop to edge out Say … Read More

Sooo Cheesy: A Short Big Cheesy Film by N9 Productions

The BIG CHEESY! from n9 on Vimeo. … Read More


Night Market at Old Bowery Station w/Nom Wah, Spur Tree, Asia Dog, HK Street Cart + So Much More

Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30, we bring the bustling, exotic flair of Asian night markets to The Old Bowery Station. Featuring Asia Dog, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Macaron Parlour, Spur Tree, Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls, Hong Kong Street Cart, Filled with … Read More


Manhattan’s Finest: A Look at the Big Cheesy Contestants

T-19 days til the Big Cheesy competition! Seven grilled cheese sandwiches from seven different chefs made with an eye on creativity and pure deliciousness. This year we’ve got returning champ Melt Shop, 2011 champ Milk Truck, last year’s bronzed Lucy’s Whey, empire-expanding Murray’s Cheese … Read More


The Big Cheesy Returns With Keith Klein’s Milk Truck, Lucy’s Whey, Melt Shop, Murray’s Cheese Bar, Say Cheese, Sons of Essex, ‘Wichcraft, Sixpoint

Vegans, run for the hills! (Just watch out for buttercups  ) Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, we bring back the third annual Big Cheesy grilled cheese competition. Featuring the city’s best sandwich makers, including the champions from Big Cheesy 2011 (Milk Truck) and Big Cheesy 2012 … Read More

Stylin’ Video of the Abode Pop Up Dinner Series at The Old Bowery Station

Gregg Drusinsky and Sarah Ashley Schier featured on ABC’s “The Taste,” hosts an amazing at home dining experience. ABODE: home. style. food. is a pop up restaurant at The Old Bowery Station located at Bowery and Delancey. Film by Danny Dwyer and Matthew … Read More


Avant Gallery Presents Nathan Sawaya and Dean West’s IN PIECES

The two long-time collaborators have combined their artistic talents to summon LEGO®, your childhood building blocks, from out of the toy box and into the art gallery. “I’m excited to debut a new form of LEGO art and to continue to take this childhood toy into a new frontier of sophisticated … Read More


Abode Pop Up from a New Yorker’s Food Diary: ChubbyChineseGirlEats

ChubbyChineseGirlEats has quickly connected the strings between ABODE’s Chef Gregg Drusinsky and Sarah Ashley Schiear as contestants on ABC’s The Taste. Upon first dining at ABODE, she was not aware that her dinner was prepared by a chef and home cook who  were competing on … Read More


ABC’s The Taste Features Gregg Drusinsky & Sarah Ashley Schiear of The Old Bowery Station’s Abode Pop Up

Well, this is noteworthy: ABODE Pop Up Dinner Series Chef Gregg Drusinsky and his lovely homecook Sarah Ashley Schiear are on Team Lefebvre in ABC’s The Taste! Lefebvre, whom the New York Times calls the “impresario of pop-up dining” and the Post calls “king of pop ups,” guides Gregg and … Read More


Anthony Bourdain Agonizes Over Not Getting Gregg Drusinsky on His Team for ABC’s The Taste

L.A. Mag Food Critic Eddie Lin got to try competitors’ recipes before ABC The Taste launched to national audiences. What’d he love most? ABODE Chef Gregg Drusinsky’spho gras, a creative take on the traditional Vietnamese soup. In Drusinsky’s dish, he includes seared foi gras along with … Read More


3rd Annual Design Summit with IDSA New York x Yeh Ideology x Openhouse at 3DEA

Angela Yeh, Founder of Yeh Ideology, was the moderator for a group of panelists that evening, which included Ted Booth, Managing Director of Method, Laura Brumit, Human Resources & Recruitment for IDEO, Arthur Young-Spivey, Fabrication Specialist and Manager at 3DEA, and Janet … Read More


Openhouse Partners With WeWork: The First Physical Social Network

Openhouse has recently partnered up with WeWork, the company known for bringing you premier office space from Hollywood to Madison Avenue. Since 2010, WeWork has not only altered the definition of an office, but their co-working office spaces are successfully bringing together … Read More

Live 3D-Printing Video With & designshop

& designshop brings us closer into their mind-blowing creative process. Witness how & designshop’s stunning vases and bracelets are modeled and printed on their self-made 3D printer. You can find the & designshop’s products at New York City’s 3DEA: 3D Printing Pop Up Store located … Read More


Openhouse Partners With n9 Productions to Help Tell Your Story

 As the latest partner with Openhouse, they will help us provide clients with an in-house storytelling outfit that will capture and spread your story across the internet and multiple social media platforms. n9′s experience in this field has “instilled a respect for engaging in a creative … Read More


Beck’s Sapphire National Launch Party at Openhouse Mulberry

Guests at Openhouse Mulberry experienced the latest German innovation of the finest quality beer while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and viewing custom artwork designed by renowned German fashion designer, Moritz Waldemeyer.Read a lil bit more at Openhouse Gallery … Read More


IDSA NY x Yeh IDeology x Openhouse: Design Summit at 3DEA

Tuesday, February 5, we host the Industrial Designers Society of America and uber-recruiting firm Yeh IDeology‘s Third Annual Design Summit. Next week’s summit will bring together business leaders to share unique insight about investing in talent, hiring talent, integrating talent … Read More

ABODE: home. style. food. Video Teaser

ABODE: home. style. food. video teaser by Danny Dwyer & Matthew Schlichter … Read More


3D Designers Across the World Bring Their Retail Items to 3DEA

In the spring of 2012, Mohammad Alaswadi launched Dilly Design, a New York-based design brand operating between the worlds of art and design. Starting with a sleek assortment of Spring Collection Keychains and the Endless Hex Clock, Dilly Design has grown to create bracelets, rings, iPhone … Read More


Host Your Parties & Events at 3DEA!

When was the last time you heard someone say that they held a party or an event surrounded by 3D printers? Never! Step into the future with 3D printing at the 3DEA store located inside of the Eventi Hotel in the heart of New York City. 3DEA is the first 3D printing retail store in the … Read More


Next Top Makers: Business of Design w/ IDEO, NYCEDC & ChallengePost at 3DEA

Guests were treated to complimentary food & drinks, presentations by the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Alison Hodgson, a storytelling session with IDEO’s Ashlea Powell & Ingrid Fetell and a discussion about the role of designers in 3D printing … Read More


Print Your Penis! Or Any Other Lovely Body Part You Please :)

3D printing is taking over the world one industry at a time – and sex toys are no different! At 3DEA we’re bringing back the Personalized Sex Toy Scanning just in time for Valentine’s Day <3. In collaboration with New York Toy Collective and Direct … Read More


3DEA Classes & Seminars: Ultimaker Assembly, Aaron Trocola’s Foundation of Modeling & 3D Printing and More!

At just 32 years of age, Aaron Trocola brings 15 years of 3D design experience, mostly originating from technology start-up companies like his own 40 West Designs. With specific focus placed on 3D modeling in CAD, animation and visualization, you will be steered by the steady hands of … Read More


3DEA Features Haute 3D-Printed Fashion and Design From Rotterdam’s & designshop

The 3DEA Pop Up Store is back for the new year and open until February 17! In addition to the great scanning services, classes and presentations, we’ve curated an amazing lineup of design products for sale in-store. Some of our favorites come from & designshop in Holland. & … Read More


ShapeShot Scanning Options: Mt. Rushmore, Couple’s Kiss, Face & Body Scanning

However, if you‘re the type of person that doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight, you can easily invite three friends or family members (a total of 4 people) to have your faces scanned and printed for your own custom replica of Mount Rushmore for $200. If you desire any additional member for your Mount … Read More


Print an Amazing Version of Yourself at 3DEA

Isn’t it quaint that Ted Williams froze himself to last forever? No need for that, Ted. No need for that. Instead, get yourself scanned and printed at 3DEA this weekend. Saturday from 2pm-4pm and Sunday from 2pm-4pm we’ve got the ShapeShot photo booth and resident experts to take your pictcha. Not … Read More


Printbl is Bringing PLA Filament to New York City’s 3DEA Store

Aside from seeing accessories, toys and prototypes printed in your traditional red and blue colorways, you can now build a luminous environment at home by simply using Printbl’s unique glow in the dark filament! Plus, if you are currently an owner of a 3D printer, you may stop by 3DEA and … Read More


Just for Kids: Celebrate Your Birthday! Scan You and Your Friends & Print Out Your Doodles

3D printing and children: Synonyms for the future. At 3DEA, we created a lineup specifically for kids. Check out what we have on the schedule, book your spot in a class, compete in our christmas tree competition and come doodle on easy-to-use iPads. You could win your school a free Ultimaker … Read More


Brooklyn-based 3D Printing Brand Solidoodle Joins the Party for the 3DEA Relaunch

3DEA is proud to announce that our newest addition to the 3DEA family will be New York-based 3D printing brand, Solidoodle! Created by aerospace engineer Sam Cervantes in 2012, the former Makerbot executive combined his tech knowledge and experience as a business … Read More


Casey Steffens’ Invention Seeks to Change the Way We Learn About Disease

Steffens is looking to Next Top Makers to run durability testing, figure out how to cut costs and generate some publicity. In the long run, he’d like to see his educational models not just in schools but in drug stores and big box retailers. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what’s in … Read More


The Business of Design: IDEO x NYCEDC Throwing Knowledge Party at 3DEA

With one month left to apply to the Next Top Makers Challenge, the New York Economic Development Corporation is canvassing maker meetups throughout the city. On Tuesday, January 22, the EDC pairs up with IDEO for The Business of Design at 3DEA. The event, which features food and drink … Read More


The Allies – May 19-26, 37 East 1st St. – is a new type of art gallery. We’ve curated six artists from New York City and London who are treating the whole world as their canvas. They’re creating art in cities across the world, in magazines, on billboards, for brands and, of course, in the [...]